Style Onsite is Awesome! I was just a few months out from my wedding and needed a reliable hairstylist…It was a mad scramble. I was talking to a friend and she told me to call Style Onsite and see if they could help. I called and talked to Ashley and she was so understanding of the predicament I was in. Ashley tried to calm my nerves and told me that she was going to see if any of the stylists were available for my wedding day and that it may take a day or two for her to get back to me. Within 20 minutes of our call Ashley called me back and told me that Marie was available! YAY!!
I met Marie at the salon about 3 weeks before the wedding to do my trial. Marie was so patient and let me show her all of my ideas. She styled my hair all of the ways I requested so I could see which one I liked the best. Marie was also fabulous on my wedding day. She made sure that I was a beautiful bride! My bridesmaids and the mom’s also had their hair done by Marie. She is so talented that they all felt beautiful! Thank you Style Onsite, Ashley and Marie – most importantly 🙂 for making me feel so beautiful on my wedding day!