The task of picking a bridal party can be a difficult one. 

Who to include , who not to include, who is going to feel left out, who is not going to want to be apart of it! It becomes overwhelming, and difficult, but it should not! This is your wedding, don’t stress. Follow these tips and we promise it will help!

1. Choose who you want in your wedding, and choose only who you want in your wedding. Do not feel obligated to include people who have included you or because others are guilting you into it. I know this is easier said than done but you truly will not regret having only people you want!
2. Less is sometimes more! Sometimes only limiting to just family, or just one or two friends makes it easier for the whole day! Your closest friends can still be apart of your wedding in other ways and help you celebrate on other various occasions! Do not feel like just bridal parties are included in the wedding!
3. Your bridal party is your support team. Weddings can be a stressful time, you want your bridal party to be the ones to tell you to stop freaking out, or stay up with you stuffing envelopes! Choose people who have always been there for you, and will continue to be there for you!
4. There is no right or wrong answer. A wedding is a celebration, people want to see you happy and are there to acknowledge that. Everyone will understand why you chose who you chose. Whether you have a Man of Honor or a Best Gal! Who cares, this is your wedding, make your own rules!
Your wedding day should be easy and drama free! Don’t worry about anyone but yourself, it’s your day!
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