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  1. Rules to Inviting Kids to Your Wedding


    Inviting kids to your wedding is 100% you and your fiances decision. With everything else in your wedding, do not feel like you have to do one way or the other! Many of our brides ask, how can I invite some and not all?  Well we always say, (more…)

  2. How to do a quick and easy updo

    Many of you always tell us, “I wish I could do that”, “there is no why I can make it look like that”. But you can! We can show you quick and easy steps to put your hair up and make you look like a talented hairstylist!

    First, part your hair from ear to ear. Clip those side sections out of the way. You will come back to those later.

    Next, with the back section, part it into two ( this is going to become a fishtail braid)

    Begin fishtailing, take an outside section and cross it over to the other half. Do the same with the other side ( creating an X shape with your pieces) If you do not know how to fishtail braid, check out our how to here!

    Continue doing this all the way down.

    Secure the braid with a hair tie.

    Next, pull the braid apart to make it bigger. Don’t be afraid of “messing” it up , it is all apart of the look!

    Begin folding the braid up towards your nape , forming a bun like shape.

    Insert bobby pins to secure the look.

    Start on the left side, begin braiding ( whatever braid you like to do) I am going with a traditional three strand braid.

    Secure that braid with bobby pin.

    Do the same thing on the right side. Secure that braid.

    Now you have a fun new hairstyle!


    Want to learn another quick and easy updo? Click here!

  3. Engagement Photos

    We were so excited when Lauren and Cooper not only asked for our help on their wedding day but also their engagement photos! (more…)

  4. Bridal Hair and Makeup


    Another happy bride at her trail!  This is a great way to make your short hair look over the top for your wedding. (more…)

  5. DIY Photo-booth Backdrops

    Photo-booths are always a fun touch to a wedding! They have become very popular and we have probably seen it all! I recently came across pictures of DIY backdrops, and I thought how awesome would this be for a photo backdrop at a wedding! (more…)