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  1. Braided Updo


    Nothing excites more than when a bridesmaid says ,” do what you want, I trust you!” We get super excited to let our creativity show! (more…)

  2. HowTo Do Winged Eyeliner



    Having you eyeliner wing out or doing a “cat” eye is the latest makeup trend. It’s so easy to do and looks so cute. First, try using a cream liner, liquids can be hard if you have never done it before. Always make sure you have a good brush too, that can make such a difference.  (more…)

  3. Bridal Hair

    Ashley was such a beautiful bride and we could not be more thrilled to be apart of her big day! (more…)

  4. 8 Wedding Day Hair Tips

    Here are some tips to help you out on your wedding day. Many of these tips are  things brides forget about and it just adds more stress to your day! Remember these key items when it comes to your hair…. (more…)

  5. Airbrush Make Up

    Cari, a former bridesmaids wrote us :
     I just wanted to say thank you because almost 6 years and 3 kids later , I looked better at my best friend’s wedding, than I did at my own. I’m going to guess it means I had some DARN good make up done….. Having your make up airbrushed on is like a fountain of youth! I might have to buy one of those contraptions for myself . The grocery store won’t even know what hit them if I walk in looking like this! (more…)

  6. How to get Beach Waves

    The beach wave look is in! Many times hairstyles cannot be achieved because you are not using the right product. When I was on my search to how to get the best beach wave look for summer time, the best product I found was Redken’s Tousel Whip 04 and Sea Spray. (more…)

  7. Headbands


    Hair accessories are BIG this spring! (more…)

  8. Airbrush Tanning

    If you are thinking of getting  a spray tan for a wedding,  a bachelorette party or even for any given day, we just want to make sure you take care of tan properly! Here are our tips for a perfect spray tan…

  9. Pintrest Inspired Updo

    We had a bridesmaid show us a picture of a look she wanted! We took that picture and make our own look inspired by her Pintrest picture! (more…)

  10. Women’s Tuxedo

    Sometimes  we as women do not want to wear dresses. We often struggle to find the right one, it never fits all over and it is a pain. Well, women tuxedos have come a long way! (more…)